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Mac's Sports SCUBA Lessons

Beginner and Specialty SCUBA Classes

Why you should learn to dive at Mac’s!

At Mac’s, we teach a variety of classes. We teach everything starting with your basic Open Water Certification and teaching classes all the way to Dive Instructor training. Since teaching diving since 1978, Mac’s has certified thousands of Tampa Bay’s most confident and capable divers. Our five instructors, who have over 85 years teaching experience between them, will make sure that you, as a student, feel as confident and comfortable as possible!  Choosing where you learn to dive is an important decision.  Mac’s instructors have the experience and professionalism you want from a dive instructor.
In class lessons and instruction are given in our on-site classroom, where you learn the concepts of your course. You then take 20 steps to reach our indoor heated pool, where you learn to apply all of these newly learned concepts. Having all of these resources available in one location makes it easy and convenient for you, the student, to learn the concepts of SCUBA diving.  Once you have complete your SCUBA education with Mac’s, you will be ready for the amazing underwater experience, SCUBA has to offer!

Did You Know 71% of Our World is Covered by Water? Learning to SCUBA

Dive Enables You to Explore the World in a New, Exciting, and Safe Way!


Beginner SCUBA Certification

Learn to Dive from the Safest and Most Fun Instructors!

Our Open Water Program is designed to teach you the skills to become a competent and responsible SCUBA Diver through the repetition of skills in our classroom, on-site indoor pool, and open water dives, all while having as much fun possible!  Instructors pay individual attention to each student to ensure that they are as comfortable and competent as possible while in the water!  If you live in a cold climate and have completed your classroom portion of SCUBA certification, you can complete your open water dive test with Mac’s.

Our dive instructors are passionate about SCUBA Diving and teaching.  This passion shines through in our instructors’ thoroughness of any and all classes.  Our main goal is for you to love diving as much as we do and we take pride in seeing our students as successful SCUBA Divers upon the completion of their class. Call one of our 2 locations, to sign up for Scuba Diving Classes, today!

Beginner SCUBA Certification
Mac's Sports Learn to Dive

Specialty SCUBA Classes

We offer a variety of classes to help enhance your SCUBA skillset

Specialty SCUBA Classes are designed to help you learn and master specific diving skillsets. At Mac’s Sports, we have built our specialty SCUBA classes to enhance your diving experience, allowing you to become a more confident and stronger diver. Whether you need classes for a specific type of diving, learning how to use dive equipment, night diving, dive instructor or safety classes, Mac’s a class for you.

We have been teaching diving since 1978, so you can rest assured that our instructors are the best in the Tampa Bay area. While group dive classes are the most cost-effective way to get certified, Mac’s does offer custom classes for people with scheduling constraints.  Get signed up for your specialty SCUBA class today, and see why Mac’s Sports is Tampa Bay’s premier dive shop for over 50 years!

Specialty SCUBA Classes

Upcoming Classes


REAL REVIEWS from our clients

I learned to dive with Billy, he is a very good instructor. I recommend him to anyone wanting to learn scuba. He jokes around, tells stories and corrects small mistakes immediately. He is very good about calling/texting in order to keep in touch about dive trips. If you ever need anything he is there to help.read more
Lys Wonderland
Lys Wonderland
00:02 23 Dec 17
After a life long fascination with the ocean, I finally decided to get SCUBA certified. I did a little research trying to find the best place, probably just as you are doing now. I kept seeing 5 star reviews of Billy from the Tarpon Springs location, so I booked my classes. This was absolutely the best decision I have made in a long time. Billy was an outstanding instructor! He has been diving since he was little kid, and it shows. The wealth of knowledge he shares with you from all of his experiences is something to charish. He went above and beyond in making sure I understood everything that was being taught and that I was truely comfortable in the water. He is probably one of the most passionate, funny, and genuine people you will ever meet. Thank you for everything, Billy! Cheers, to a life long friendship and an awesome new hobby!read more
Jason Zala
Jason Zala
22:21 25 Jul 17
Super convenient location. I dive 3-4 times a month, so I'm in there 3-4 times a month. They always have what I need, and the one time a mistake was made, it was taken care of above and beyond.
Austin Cave
Austin Cave
13:59 24 Jul 17
shopped around and was in market for classes talked to billy there and choice was clear he wanted to teach me to be safe and have fun if you need classes meet billy u will never regret it
bennie melvin
bennie melvin
17:17 18 Jul 17
I just complete my open water certification with Billy and it was great. The online portion was good but Billy does a better job at explaining and having stories that relate to what you need to know. I would recommend him as a trainer and the Tarpon Springs storie to anyone. I wear a larger wetsuit that is hard to find and Billy went above to help me find a suit that fit perfectly and it was a very good price! Thanks Billy!!read more
Megan Perry
Megan Perry
14:25 08 May 17


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Featured Product of the Month

Mac’s Sports Featured Product of the Month

Scuba Pro Galileo 2 (G2)       

With all of its new features, for example, its full-color screen options, plus the ability to use as much or little of the technology as you want, the GALILEO 2 (G2) is poised to become the favorite computer for divers of all skill levels, from beginner to tech diver. Furthermore, it’s easy to read. A choice of four colorful screens quickly draws your attention to what you need to know. Additionally, it’s very easy to use. The G2 has the same three-button control, incredibly intuitive menu structure, and diver-friendly functions that earned the Galileo its reputation as the hands-down easiest computer to use. Not to mention, it is designed to go anywhere, from open water, freediving, CCR, and side mount. The G2 is ready to go wherever your passion for diving takes you!

Mac’s Sports Inc.

Mac’s Sports Inc. is a family owned and operated dive shop with over 50 years experience teaching people to SCUBA dive, as well as teaching advanced SCUBA, classes.  Whether you are looking for; beginning dive classesspecialty SCUBA classes,  an upcoming dive trip, or even SCUBA rental equipment, Mac’s Sports has you covered.


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