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Mac’s Sports Inc. SCUBA Equipment Service

Annual maintenace and service is vital to SCUBA equipment life

Mac's Sports Regulator ServiceANNUAL SERVICE

Annual maintenance and service of your underwater life support system are extremely important for your own safety and comfort during dives.  This system includes your first stage, second stage, octopus/air2, BC, and computer.  Mac’s Sport’s Clearwater and Tampa Locations have IN-HOUSE SERVICE CENTERS where our technicians have been trained by the manufacturer to service your gear back to the manufacturer’s specifications.


If our current locations are not convenient, ship your equipment to us.  You will receive a phone call as soon as your gear has arrived and a pre-inspection is completed by one of our qualified technicians.  Once authorized, our service specialists will begin to service your gear and it will be shipped back to you once it is completed.  This is a great option if you are coming to the Tampa Bay area for an upcoming dive trip.  We can have your equipment ready when you arrive.

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Mac's Sports VIP Service

Service Every


VIP – Visual Inspection Program

DOT/CTC annually required visual inspection.

In order to maintain DOT/CTC regulations, you must have your SCUBA equipment tested annually.  The VIP, Visual Inspection Program inspects all the necessary areas of your equipment to make sure you stay compliant with DTC/CTC regulations.

  • Interior and exterior of equipment is inspected for imperfections.

  • Cylinder neck threads are cleaned.

  • The neck o-ring groove is scoured and re-grooved.

  • Aluminum neck threads are electronically inspected using Visual Plus Inspection Unit.

  • Valve is inspected for abnormalities, the dip-tube is tightened, and the face and neck o-rings are replaced.
  • Valve is reattached to cylinder.
  • A new inspection sticker is placed on the tank.
  • The cylinder is refilled and water tested.

SCUBA Regulator Service

Highly Recommended Be Done Once a Year

When it comes to SCUBA diving, your regulator is arguably the most important piece of equipment you have.  Regardless of the number of dives you have on the regulator, it should be serviced every year.  Some brands only require service every 2 years, however, if you are an active diver, you may need service every year.  Regulators contain parts that wear based on time, not the number of dives. All of Mac’s in-house service technicians are trained and certified and can service your equipment back to manufacturer specifications.

  • Pre-inspected, disassembled, and cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Reassembled with new factory parts kits.
  • Hoses are cleaned.
  • O-rings are replaced and lubricated.
  • Water tested for leaks.

Service Every

Mac's Sports Regulator Service
Mac's Sports BC Service

Buoyancy Compensator Service (BCs)

Highly Recommended Be Done Once a Year.

Your SCUBA Buoyancy Compensator (BC) or Buoyancy Compensating Device (BCD) is, likely, one of the most expensive pieces of dive gear you will own. With that said, proper care and service can prolong the life of your BC or BCD, giving you many years of reliable performance.  All of Mac’s in-house service technicians are trained and certified and can service your equipment back to manufacturer specifications.

Service Every

  • The BC is pre-inspected
  • Integrated Octopus (Air2) / inflator and all air overpressure dump valves are disassembled and cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner
  • All parts are inspected and reassembled with new factory parts
  • The entire BC is water-tested for leaks

Safety Bench and Water Test

Recommended if gear has been unused for several months.

A Safety Bench and Water Test is an important service to have done if you have not used your SCUBA equipment in the last 90 days or 3 months. This bench test is a good way to ensure your SCUBA equipment is in peak condition. If any part of your system needs further service, the price of the safety test is applied to your service cost.

  • Your regulator and BC is attached to a cylinder and pressure tested.
  • All equipment is inspected for leaks, worn hoses, cracks, and other abnormalities.
  • The performances of the 1st and 2nd stages are tested with special gauges.
  • Regulator and BC are water tested for leaks.

Service Every

Mac's Sports Safety Bench Test Service
Mac's Sports Hydro Test Service

Service Every


Hydrostatic(Hydro) Pressure Test

Should be done every 5 years per DOT/CTC regulations.

Hydrostatic (Hydro) testing is the method to validate the safety and structural integrity of a SCUBA cylinder throughout its service life. This is a service that should be done every 5 years, in order to comply with DOT/CTC regulations.

  • Tanks are VIPed (see VIP section above).
  • Water pressure test – inspects the strength of the physical structure of the cylinder.
  • The valve is serviced.
  • Nitrox tank valves are O2 cleaned.


  • Cylinder and valve separated and the cylinder is rolled with a tumbling media inside to remove corrosion.
  • Cylinder is re-evaluated, cleaned, rinsed, and dried.
  • Valve is reattached to the cylinder.
  • Cylinder VIP Service is performed.

Oxygen Cleaning 

Oxygen cleaning for NITROX and O2 administration.

Prevent long-term damage to SCUBA tanks by performing oxygen cleaning service.

  • Valve is removed and the cylinder is evaluated for compatibility for oxygen service.
  • Cylinder is cleaned with an oxygen serviceable cleaner, rinsed and dried, then steel tanks are coated with a rust-proof finish.
  • The valve is disassembled, cleaned in a special ultrasonic cleaner and all appropriate parts are soaked in a special oxygen cleaning solutions, rinsed, and then dried.
  • Valve parts are inspected and reassembled using special oxygen compatible o-rings, seals, and lubricants.
  • Valve is reattached to cylinder.

  • New inspection stickers and a NITROX label are attached to the cylinder

  • Cylinder is refilled with NITROX, analyzed, and logged.
Mac's Sports O2 Cleaning Service

SCUBA Diving Classes and Certifications

Our Open Water Program is designed to teach you the skills to become a competent and responsible SCUBA Diver through the repetition of skills in our classroom, on site indoor pool, and open water dives, all while having as much fun possible! Instructors pay individual attention to each student to ensure that they are as comfortable and competent as possible while in the water!

Our dive instructors are passionate about SCUBA Diving and teaching. This passion shines through in our instructors’ thoroughness of any and all classes. Our main goal is for you to love diving as much as we do and we take pride in seeing our students as successful SCUBA Divers upon the completion of their class

  • Group Classes

  • Semi Custom Dive Classes

  • Custom Dive Lessons

  • SCUBA Referral Class

  • Night Diving

  • Limited Visibility Diving
  • Boat Diving
  • Drift Diving

Upcoming Classes

Open Water Dive Class

Stress & Rescue Weekend

March 22 - March 24

West Palm Lobstering Trip

March 30 - March 31

West Palm Weekend Dive Trip

March 30 - March 31

West Palm Weekend Trip

April 13 - April 14

Open Water SCUBA Certification Class

April 20 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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REAL REVIEWS from our clients

All around a fantastic experience! Brian (store owner) has a great group of guys that can help you with all your scuba needs, from basic training to the newest equipment on the market! Billy, Keith, Matt, Michael, Sam, and of course our awesome instructor Dallas THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you guys are helping my friends and I a lot! We just did our first open water dive at KP Hole today (03/10/19) and I'm looking forward to next Sunday dive/graduation!read more
Thiago Marinheiro
Thiago Marinheiro
08:25 11 Mar 19
Great people, always take care of my diving needs with knowledgeable assistance. Matt, mikell and will are so helpful!
zac reichert
zac reichert
20:06 06 Mar 19
Love this place, everyone is very friendly and helpful! Couldn’t have asked for a better place to get certified!
Candace Jade
Candace Jade
22:35 01 Mar 19
Took my wife to get certified and just got done doing some dives at Rainbow River! Super awesome place and if you’re looking to get dive certified this is the place for you! Shoutout to Matt at Mac’s Sports for being an awesome instructor!
Matt Johnston
Matt Johnston
22:25 01 Mar 19
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I was just curious about how much scuba lessons would be, and was so impressed with them that I signed up on the spot. They also have great prices for their scuba gear. I compared to some web sites, and they were lower on several things that I bought. Ask for Matt...he is great to work with. Actually, you can't go wrong with anyone there!read more
Tom O
Tom O
13:25 12 Feb 19
Purchased a sAweeT Akõna "Quantum Stretch" wetsuit with some AwesoME snorkel gear from these guys today.Honest and knowledgeable, it was appreciated and I'll be back for future purchases, for sure.
Anthony Gist
Anthony Gist
01:45 21 Jan 19
I took my open water certification course with Mac’s and Brian and Dallas were great instructors! Awesome dive shop.
Nicholas Kampars
Nicholas Kampars
19:24 06 Jan 19
I highly recommend Mac’s, Matt was very professional and knowledgeable,Thank you for your excellent services.
Nick Bartlett
Nick Bartlett
21:14 01 Nov 18
My son and I completed a course with Brian at Mac’s. We went to Rainbow River and had an awesome time. Brian was super helpful and a really kind person. Great experience!
Karley Vaughn
Karley Vaughn
14:19 01 Oct 18
We started our diving journey at Mac's on Clearwater. Its been all 👌😂 we started the class in June and became certified divers July 15th. Its been an extremely fun time. The instructor Keith really enjoys teaching diving. The entire process has been a great learning experience and gives us the opportunity to see an underwater world not many people have more
Franklyn Gutierrez
Franklyn Gutierrez
22:44 16 Jul 18
Excellent service, highly recommend this dive shop.
Christina Roddey
Christina Roddey
15:39 14 Jul 18
Love Mac's. Started going there over 10 years ago for ski gear and Mike was a big help with that. It is great to see employees stick around for the long term!Now that it was time for a group of friends and I to become scuba certified, Matt is an awesome instructor. He is very knowledgeable and attentive. Matt goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable with your purchases and setting you up with what your specific needs are. Keith and Mike are also great with helping answer questions and showing the right gear you may want. Overall, all the guys there are knowledgeable and welcoming to be more
Jodie Snyder
Jodie Snyder
20:00 26 May 18
Matt, Keith and Mike as well as the rest of the staff are incredible...!!! The wealth of knowledge and professionalism is second to none. They are more about helping us be comfortable and satisfied then with selling the sale. I am thrilled to call these guys my new diving family...!!!
Michael G. Knettel Jr.
Michael G. Knettel Jr.
20:00 26 May 18
Great certification and diving experiences. Thank you Keith for instructing me well during my coursework, pool practice and open water testing. Thank you Matt for helping me develope my skills diving with awsome marine life through your guided open ocean dives.
Christine Russo
Christine Russo
22:59 21 Jan 18
We had originally went for scuba lessons with super sports and scuba. First of all, that instructor had me scared stupid about diving. When we were ready to get certified i could not get them to answer my call to schedule the dive. We were getting ready to go on a cruise and my husband and I were looking forward to diving in the Caribbean. My brother who was certified at Mac's brought us there for sidewalk sale and Keith was awesome. He was extremely knowledgeable and kind. So, when things feel through at the other place,we knew we had to go with Mac and Keith. Keith worked on his his day of and did private lessons to make sure we were ready. Now, i need to tell you we had already done dive classroom portion at other Mac we did online course which was much more informative and spent way more time in the pool. Keith made sure we felt comfortable and were ready to dive. We are leaving for cruise tomorrow and we are so looking forward to diving in GrandTurk and Dominican Republic. Thanks Mac and Keith!read more
Michelle Rabbitts
Michelle Rabbitts
17:28 04 Nov 17
Mike is awesome!!! He answered all my questions was extremely helpful.. prices are right and I will continue to do business there thank you guys
Kenny Morehouse
Kenny Morehouse
17:17 27 Aug 17
Highly recommend! The hubs and I have been customers for more than 20 years. We buy our gear and get it serviced there. We've taken several classes and have been on many dive trips with them. Our daughter was certified there. The staff is knowledgable, helpful and friendly. Recently purchased some new gear and Brian was very generous. Thanks Brian! See you at the Dive Club meeting. read more
Sharon Lappe
Sharon Lappe
18:37 02 Aug 17
My wife and I went in to the Macs Clearwater location to check out some diving gear. Mike Odette greeted us at the door and helped us with every question and concern we had. The shop is one of the nicest dive shops we have ever been to. Large selection of everything. I would recommend this shop to anyone. Thanks Mike. We will see you soonread more
mike wetherington
mike wetherington
19:54 09 Apr 17
I've been coming here for years. The staff here are all extremely nice and very helpful. They take very good care of their customers and care about getting you the right gear for your level. It's also really nice that when snow season comes around that they provide the gear you need for skiing. I dive and ski, so this is perfect more
Danan Coleman
Danan Coleman
02:39 10 Jan 17


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